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Save $$ on towels
A stylish upgrade
Environmentally sound
Save up to 98.4% over paper towel costs and use up to 85% less energy than conventional hand dryers.  Three touch-free sensors know exactly when hands are inserted or removed.
The 3200 RPM motor uses only 1100 watts, and is adjustable to suit any facility.
The Bio JetDrierTM is the first hand dryer to make elegant styling an important factor in production.  Ergonomically and aesthetically designed, the Bio JetDrierTM comes with attractive blue LED lights and is available in four stylish colors making an elegant upgrade to facilities.
Used Paper towels are not recycled and must be transported to landfills.  CO2, harmful toxins and chemicals are emitted during paper production and even recycling.  At only 1100 watts and a 10 second dry time, Bio JetDrierTM is the most efficient way to dry hands today and lowers your carbon footprint.

Finally, a hand dryer that works in 10 seconds...  Quietly!  
The Bio JetDrierTM is the fastest, most-hygienic, and efficient way to dry your hands today.  The triple filtration system delivers pure, clean air to your hands by filtering out harmful bacteria and viruses that may be present in washrooms.  The NAM (Noise Adjustment Module) keeps noise to a minimum at under 65 decibels, far quieter than other hand dryers.  The jet drying process gently but briskly forces water from both sides of your hands.  Water is stored internally, keeping surrounding walls and floors dry.  

Clean dry hands in 10 seconds

Bio JetDrier red
Bio JetDrier - White
Bio JetDrier Silver

Contact info:

                           (888) 985-3336

Bio JetDrier - blue